2022 Jaguar Ticket Season sponsored by Navy Mutual

Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Season – REVISED

We are excited about the season’s start! We have a NEW system to implement. We are thankful to the Jaguars, Jaguars Foundation, and Navy Mutual for making this Jags season possible and supporting our active military service members and their dependents. Please read the following guidelines carefully:

JAGUARS TICKET GUIDELINES Step 1 Go to either NAS JAX, Mayport or Kings Bay to receive your tickets.

NAS JAX Hours: 9am-5pm Mayport Hours: 10am-6pm Kings Bay Hours: Wednesdays at Finnegan’s 11am

We have a list of previous ticket recipients, please be prepared to present your Goosechase app picture as proof of participation to our staff or volunteer in order to receive your ticket. If you received preseason tickets and did not play the game, unfortunately, you will not be eligible to receive tickets this season

First-time ticket recipients will need to download the Goosechase app and register to play! The USO Center will give you further directions after you receive your tickets.

Step 2 After receiving your tickets, if you have not already done so, please download the app GOOSECHASE (Scavenger Hunt Game) and register before entering the Jaguars stadium. You can scan the QR Code below this sheet to download the app or search it on your Google Play or App Store before the game. Since you will receive the tickets complimentarily, we strongly suggest playing the game with us.

Goosechase is a scavenger hunt game that allows participants to upload photos into an app and complete a mission while they are at the game. Request for future tickets depends on completing the MISSION.

*** Please do NOT forget, future Complimentary Tickets go to those that play the game. ***

Step 3 Each game will have a different game code and password (please do not let your phone auto populate, type in the password). Please take a picture of the game code and password so you don’t forget. Please make sure the email you placed to sign out your tickets is the one you use to play the game.

*Please remember that all tickets received by USO Jacksonville are tracked, please do not request/accept tickets unless you are committed to attending the event to ensure we can continue providing these opportunities. *


  1. How much are the tickets for this year’s Jaguars season? Tickets are COMPLIMENTARY. Jaguar tickets will be available at the Mayport, NAS Jax USO Center, and Kings Bay. Tickets will be available for ACTIVE DUTY, GOLD STAR FAMILIES, NATIONAL GUARD, RESERVISTS, and DEPENDENT SPOUSES ONLY, WITH NO RANK RESTRICTIONS. * Please note that dependent children are not authorized to pick up tickets under any circumstances. Valid military identification is required.

2.Do we need to have a ticket for everyone going to the game? YES! Every person, regardless of age, is required to have a ticket to enter TIAA Bank Field. For children 0-23 months old, guests can contact the Jaguars ticket office at (904) 633-2000 regarding the steps to obtain a lap pass ticket in advance or visit the game day ticket office located between Gates 2 and 3. Please bring a copy or a picture of your child’s/children’s birth certificate.

3.If I am a Retiree, Veteran, or DOD personnel when can we get tickets? Retirees are eligible to receive tickets if they are available. Please see the ticket pickup schedule. Unfortunately, Veterans or DOD personnel are not eligible to receive tickets at this time due to the limited number of tickets received.

4.How are the tickets distributed? Tickets are first come first served. NO RESERVATIONS. If anyone is caught reselling tickets, he/she will be prohibited from receiving any more tickets for the entire season.

  1. What if I decided not to go to the game? If you do not use the tickets, please bring them back to the USO. Tickets cannot be brought back after 12N the Friday before the game.

  2. Does our ticket come with a parking pass? Parking Passes are COMPLIMENTARY and are available while supplies last. Parking passes are limited to a first come first served basis.

  3. Do we still get Jags Bucks? Your ticket no longer comes with the $5.00 Jaguar bucks this season. *Please remember you can always bring a gallon size sandwich bag container filled with snacks and 1 bottle of water. *

  4. What if we want a block of tickets for our command? Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept any requests for command tickets for this season.

THANK YOU for your support and we appreciate everyone’s honesty and integrity to ensure only authorized personnel received these tickets, which ensures every eligible person has an equal opportunity to enjoy the NFL Experience.


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