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On September 13th, USO Pathfinder Program opened its doors at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. This is the first USO Pathfinder Program site in the state of Florida. The USO Pathfinder Program supports service members and military spouses as they transition from the military to their future community.

Pathfinder Scouts work with service members 12 months before leaving the military and up to 12 months after separation or retirement. Scouts also work with military spouses through any transition during their family’s military career. Pathfinder Scouts work one-on-one with individuals to identify their personal and professional goals, create an Action Plan, and get connected to the resources that are the best fit for them, regardless of where they plan to call home.

For more information please contact Kelly Stull at kstull@uso.org or Armando Trinidad at atrinidad@uso.org.

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